Congratulations on your engagement!

Our team is made up of young talented people who would like to help others to find, cultivate and develop their own dreams. We can make you become “Cinderella” if you prefer vintage style. Or you will turn into “Snow White” if you are fond of rustic, shabby-chic style.

Our wedding services are flexible, fun, and professional. We will take extra care to understand your must-have and wish list for your desired style.  Our professional planners will walk you through all the steps during wedding preparation, so nothing will be left behind. We understand that a perfect wedding is not only defined by how it looks like, but also by how it is organized.  

Freya team will bring our insights, passion and rich in detail to turn your dream into “Dream-Like”Reality.

Freya offers various service packages to cater to each couple’s specific needs and budget. Please check below for more information.

Signature Weddings. Stylish Events.

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